vrijdag 20 februari 2009


The thin orchestral hum that this is not going away

He's in a cell and each day

Your brave face grows sadder at the edges

What beauty to be with you in this troubled time

See you avoid the crippling ache your heart tells you to keep close

Arianne, angel and support for numberless others

Come share this space with me

For a second or three

Let burdens fall from your shoulders like dust

You keep it going manfully

For this second let it drop


Kind new ribbons


What lies beneath them couldn't

We keep ourselves afloat

Pleasantries on toast and

Tears elsewhere for a time

They'll come

One day in a flood

We'll cry together

But now we are tea and cooking

Simple guitars and small lyrics

David Attenborough's on TV

Care to watch with me?


Love left it shyly for a time

Under stones and dinner tables

Winking eyes replete

With gems and stories

Told by you to countless others

You would look at me

And I tried to look away

Now you're gone

I'm still looking


Candles wink

On empty bedroom floor

Cigarette with window open

Gems flying in

You'll email in time

Hazard a phone conversation

No hope though

We're over that long ago