zondag 8 maart 2009

Tear down, stand up

Tear down these walls

Lady spring time

left it lost for telling

Or could have if you'd listened

Scribe the arcs beneath your hand

Skin pimpled at four am but still sweating

Lady breath and wimper

and come

free me out

standing and non-plussed leading

lady clean

and inside wish to

try and be a better

man for a hand

carve butt leaving

scars of ecstasy take

me clean and

another time

lady make

me big time

do this again some

time and again

loose you through you

but all of it for a song

Ladies and the winsome time

Of you, australia

all that was told

or wasn't

we tried all

and for nothing

gain easy pleasure

a some time dance and colourful

hosiery on the bedroom floor

lady in your spring time

make me autumn and

knackered wrist

I have a memory of you

summer way to make this better

make this last

lady spring time

do worse

come home

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