zaterdag 16 mei 2009

On the train

On the train

This is good

I take you to poetry night

Stand up on stage unplanned and read quite spontaneously

But I didn't

This was planned

On the train

On the train I describe to you in streaming poetic verse my plans for the night

How we'll go from here , two step amidst lamp-lit willow trees pouring over black canals

Pretend we don't look beautiful in the reflections from the water

On the train

On the train the sun has yet to begin its setting and I've yet to stand up here

And make possibly the greatest mistake of my life

By dropping into this poem anything at all about fucking

On the train

On the train

Buses are overtaking us and school girls arrange jackets and compare iPod playlists

And I'm thinking up the perfect metaphor for your hair when the driver interrupts with "Amstel"

River or beer it's your call.

On the train

On the train

We go to a quiet bar and the scene of misdemeanour

You haven't run off yet in embarassment and I can still look you in the eye

And explain to you all the parts you misunderstood

"Oh," you say in slow, perfect, easy California drawl

"It really was a Hollywood songbook after all"

And melt into my arms

On the train

On the train we've decided it's OK to hold hands

Your head rests lightly on my shoulder wondering how you could possibly reply

You're blown away

On the train

On the train

Your eyes glint black from the half light of the stage

You're still and looking radiant and not squirming with embarassment

You haven't left, which is a sign and I'm wondering if I should freestyle

Curve these words to the situation

But that won't work; you've done enough already, best play it safe.

On the train

On the train I've come up with the following verse:

Tortured early

She wears it like silk

Like that smile

Lightly and devastating

Keeping others at bay

Too precious to rip off

Or have touched by anyone

On the train

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