zondag 8 november 2009

Machines break free or La Libertad de las Máquinas

What will happen when the burning stops?

When the machines constrained by lifetimes of combustion

Give up the ghost?

Will they lie in several cylinder scrapheaps

A museum to the dead and

Laughed at for the ignorance they spawned?

Dear listener, no!

The machines, you see, have heard of another way.

While grinding futures for us

They've been musing on their own

And sharing it with their

Mechanical, electrical and hydraulic fellows

At midnight hours when the plants shut down

Their vision, beloved friends,

Is a lot like yours and mine

It's springier

More romantic than you'd give credit

To the tools and luxuries given breath

By modern man

They will, you see, if you listen closely,

Reveal their big secret

As they agreed to do through me

In 2014, after the great collapse and restoration of humankind

Walking in W. Amsterdam will be quite a different sight

You'll see cars sprout legs

With wheels as feet

March down roads

Beeping greetings to fellows

Tower blocks leaping frog-like

Over city centres and latte-humbled department stores

Desperate to be free

You'll have trains

Caterpillar crawling,

Munching electric cables for leaves,

Then cocooning under bridges

In six weeks to grow wings

They'll join their friends the aeroplanes

Who flap across lands

On weekend trips to the Moon

Dear friends - just think!

What fun could have been had

And so much earlier if we had just stopped

Our crude and senseless abuse

Of the machinated beings?

If we had stopped to hear

The heartbeat of a car,

The breathing of a mobile phone,

And the contented rustle of a telephone wire

As it settles into a Sunday Afternoon?

I'd like to think we'd learn a lot

Even become friends

So go now

Give your oven room

It's about to lay some eggs


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