zaterdag 28 november 2009


Other makes a wise-crack as the betrayal lines seek a deeper cut and the love like razorblade lingers to chop unaware miasma bearing in wash surronds lover descends and in her grasp I am all of thinking feeling you, precious deep wound of a woman, you haunt and betray my rich feeling with this. the other woman.

Come down some time in shrouds of lost believing and our scent hangs thick in other rooms. I'm frustrated at having to play this out in other hands but feel you leaving, leaving and in this kiss the sweet release

the bed unmade

and anger wilting, leaving me too.

the mask was unmet with yearning absolution

and the lover cut again again

and the lover cut again

whisk in a farm washed way

our skies are shared and the ground muddy with unasked mush

but you've stayed true and away and what am i to do

but fall and measure our distance in the breath of another in my ear

another night unblessed by you

i'll get used to this in time,

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